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JO = Human. First two initials of forename & surname
IX = Machine. A fictional planet in Frank Herbert's Dune, where machines are built

JOIX is a versatile Deep Techno Producer & Liveact Performer from Mannheim (Germany), originally from Berlin.
His onstage history spans over 20 years (from raves to clubs like the Tresor in Berlin and radio stations like Evosonic) and for quite a while he co-organized legendary events such as the "Harlequins Castle" festivals in the rural woodlands of Southern Germany.
Other highlights were his JAPAN TOUR 2014 and JAPAN & TAIWAN TOUR 2017.

His sound is deeply influenced by electronic music from Detroit, Berlin and Frankfurt and can mostly be descriped as Deep Techno with phat basslines, strange soundscapes and drifty beats.
He prefers to make music with an analog modular system (Doepfer A-100), analog synthesizers, drum machines, didgeridoo and his voice.

His tracks were released on several music labels all over the world:
Anecdote Records
Electrogravity Rec.
Internet Recordings
Jacksum Records
LCR Records
Lethal Dose Recordings
Lunayk Musyk
LW Recordings
Plastiq Records
plunk! Recordings

JOIX also likes to use his own spoken texts or from books and movies of the genres SCI-FI and MYTH e.g.
Mantra (JOIX),
Wächter der Nacht (JOIX),
Dune (Frank Herbert),
2001: A Space Odyssey (Arthur C. Clarke),
Kybalion (unknown authors),
Solaris (Stanislaw Lem) or the
Cthulhu mythos (H.P. Lovecraft).

Enjoy the sound of JOIX! :-)
You can also download the biography as PDF here:
Press release in german language

JOIX at other places

Top Ten tracks

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Album: Hermetic Room
10 Tracks (mastered)
Download Album:
Hermetic Room

Album: Random Control
10 Tracks (mastered)
Download Album:
Random Control

Dune EP
2 Tracks (mastered)
Download Dune EP