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"LCR 5 years"

Release info:
VA Compilation "LCR 5 years"

Release date: 20.7.2016

Release info:
5 Years !!! We are proud to pressent this compilation full of new tracks from some of the artist involved this 5 years on the label.
We are always glad of the massive support from artist to radio stations, from magazines to djs and of course for play our music once again !
Thanks for be part of these 5 years .

Track Listing:
1. Artik - Geometria Euclidiana
2. Brunes - Bones
3. Domen - Temae1
4. Emptyvoid - Random
5. Hail Blk - Acidium
6. Isolated Lines - Winning Titan
7. JOIX - Im Fluss
8. Joyb - Pick A Name
9. Liss C - Electronic Discourse
10. Markus Masuhr - Leaning Fears
11. Micol Danieli - U58
12. PEPE Arcade - Plataforma
13. RNTS - Less Thoughts
14. Unam Zetineb - Long Time Ago

JOIX - Im Fluss

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