NEW track: "Urwald"

JOIX live @ Frickel Friday, Mannheim, 12.4.19

Trinity LP Trailer

JOIX live @ Halle02, Heidelberg, 15.6.2018

JOIX live @ Samsara, Villa Nachttanz, Heidelberg, 24.3.2018

Little introduction to the modular synthesizer of JOIX

JOIX live @ Japan connection, Mannheim, 18.8.2017

JOIX live @ Villa Nachttanz, Heidelberg, 1.4.2017

Hermetic Room LP Trailer

JOIX live @ Metro Club, Kyoto, Japan, 9.8.2014

JOIX live @ Synästhese, Mannheim (Germany), 29.3.2014 (full length)

JOIX - Hidden Hint

JOIX - System failure

JOIX - Strange city

Next liveacts

10.8. Summer Sun Garden Day near Heidelberg, GER

24.8. White Space Lab Tokyo, JPN

31.8. Compufunk Osaka, JPN

6.9. Metro Club Kyoto, JPN

7.9. About Nagoya, JPN

JOIX at other places

Japan Tour Report

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