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After a long wait the Desert Planet EP finally arrived in form of a beautiful orange-black marbled Vinyl, limited to only 200 pieces!
Official release date will be on 11th December 2021, Pre-Order is already possible at Bandcamp, more infos here!

Here is a first teaser of the upcoming documentary "Grenzmusik" by Salome Beil where I was part of. :)
Die Dokumentation lotet in 29 Minuten und 54 Sekunden die Wahrnehmungen und Einschätzungen von Michael Beil (Komponist und Leiter des elektronischen Studios an der Hochschule für Musik Köln) und mir rund um das Faszinosum Musik im Spannungsfeld ihrer Entstehung, Wirkung und Darstellung aus und gibt Einblicke in unser musikalisches Schaffen.
Three remixes in a row!
1. For my companion Ryoma Sasaki I remixed his track "Journey in my head". More infos about this nice release on his label Transit Records see at the release page.
2. I was also part of the fifth release on Sounds of Jericho, a compilation of 5 tracks based on samples of a very special live performance by Joss Turnbull and friend musicians.
3. and last but not least I made a Remix of the track "The secret lives" by the Krautrock legends Mani Neumeier (GuruGuru) and Zeus. B. Held (Birth Control).
My meanwhile 10th EP called BIG BANG is OUT NOW! :)
For video, audio snippets, links to shops and lots of more information feel free to visit the release page.
Thanks for your support and still believing in my (special kind of) music!

A live recording for Peer23 at Mannheim. It starts with speric field recordings of a buddhistic temple in Kyoto and ends with the live version of my remix of the track Pareidolia by Køps, which will be released at Sounds of Jericho on Saturday.

This is a live recording I made for the Drehmomente Podcast series of the soundcloud channel Akoasma Europe.


Wanna build a hydrophone by yourself? Here are the building instructions!

Here is an aftermovie of my Japan Tour in 2019. Enjoix!

Nice little video of my live performance at Zwergenberg Session #2 at an outlying mountain hut in Tirol / Austria! Was a stunning scenery and great time with all the music lovers there!

Record of my live performance at the lovely Hoppla! Festival in Basel on 21th June 2019. Starting more slow and experimental at the beginning the set transformes over trippy (middle) to ecstatic (end). It was an incredible atmosphere there, thanks to the crew and all the enthusiastic dancers!
Dont forget while listening: This a LIVE record, not a "perfect" record!! ;)

Thanks to Homebase Portraits for this video of my liveact after the workshop of Frickel Friday #3 w/ JOIX.
It was a really nice evening from introduction of sound physics and synthesis over tinkering around with modules of Doepfer Musikelektronik,the little synth Arturia Microbrute, effects and a Didgeridoo to this little concert at the end!  

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