JO = Human. First two initials of forename & surname
IX = Machine. A fictional planet in Frank Herbert's Dune, where machines are built

JOIX is a passionate and versatile Techno Producer & Liveact Performer with focus on unusual sounds, groovy vibes and a mainly deep atmosphere.
He is making electronic music for over 25 years now and can look back to gigs at clubs and festivals in several parts of Germany, but also at other countries in Europe and Asia, eg:
Womb,Tokyo (JPN), Hoppla! Festival,Basel (SUI), Microclub,Lisbon (POR), Subland Club,Berlin (GER), Halle02,Heidelberg (GER), Revolver,Taipei (TWN), Hype Club,Stuttgart (GER), Metro Club,Kyoto (JPN), Schweinskopf Festival,Cuxhaven (GER), Disco2,Mannheim (GER), Suite,Neustadt (GER), Wummerland XI,Mannheim (GER), Peer23,Mannheim (GER), Noise Asylum,Aachen (GER).

His sound is deeply influenced by electronic music from Detroit, Berlin and Frankfurt and can mostly be descriped as Deep and Psychedelic Techno with phat basslines, strange soundscapes and drifty beats.
He prefers to produce music with an analog modular system (Doepfer A-100), analog synthesizers, drum machines, didgeridoo and his voice.
This combined with the absence of any bought sample libraries or presets, confronts the listener with an extraordinary, overwhelming and unusual interpretation of electronic music. The audible and perceptible presence of analog sounds is the key to JOIX's music. This is expressed by voluminous, wide, powerful and embracing sounds which are often differentiated and warm at the same time.

His tracks were released on following music labels digitally and on Vinyl:
Anecdote Records, Electrogravity Rec., Internet Recordings, Jacksum Records, LCR Records, Lethal Dose Recordings, Lunayk Musyk, LW Recordings, MYTH, Plastiq Records, plunk! Recordings, Transit Records and his own label Sounds of Jericho

The best way to connect with his music is to hear and feel him perform live on stage.
As a liveact with more than 25 years of live experiences, JOIX is able to create deep and powerful vibes on the dance floor.
His live gear consists of analog sound modules, effect units, a didgeridoo and laptops. This gives him the ability to make very experimental sounds as well as functional club music.

Enjoy the sound of JOIX! :-)
You can also download the biography as PDF here:
Press release in german language
Press article with shots of my studio and some insights

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6.7.24 Gleisbrett Festival, Offenbach, GER

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Album: Trinity
10 Tracks (mastered)
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Album: Hermetic Room
10 Tracks (mastered)
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Hermetic Room

Album: Random Control
10 Tracks (mastered)
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Random Control

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