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Out now! Click here for more infos about the Dune EP and have a listen.


The second boulder! This track is made for dancers who like it more ass-kicking (such as me)! ;)


Here is the first piece of the planned boulder series, a dark, blue and dreamy track, called Sapphire.
Considered from a metaphoric view the making of electronic music seems to me like digging deep inside myself to find some hidden treasures.
Each time when I go under the ground in my home studio to make a new track, the first step is to find some boulders and recover (record) them.
The second step is to polish them like jewels.
If everything works well I hope to find some more gemstones during this autumn and the upcoming winter.


Many machines on IX is the second track of the Dune EP, which will be released on 10th November by Plastiq Records.


As a big fan of Frank Herbert's Science Fiction Epos "Dune" (I read the books three times now!) it was only a matter of time, until I had to use some samples of the film. ;)
The sleeper must awaken is the first track of the Dune EP, which will be released on 10th November by Plastiq Records.


EP Encounter will be released on 6th August by Anecdote Records!
Click on the releases tab for more infos.


Record of my newest liveset --> Free download!


On 6th July is my next live performance at the LCR Records Anniversary @ Subland Club (Berlin).
Looking forward to see you all there!


Dirty video record of my live performance at the Harlequins event "Four elements" on 16.6.2012.

Artwork by HALT9000 Creative Commons License
Bumblebee or beelzebub!? by JOIX
New track! Maybe influenced by my subconscious mind, because a horde of bumblebees built their home in my bedroom's wall --> "bbzzz...zzzuummm" all night ;))) All sounds are taken from my modular synthesizer and analog drum machine. Unmastered edit. Enjoy!


Little impression of my live performance last night ;)


Heute abend bin ich wieder zu Gast bei der Integration in der Villa Nachttanz!
Da es früh voll werden kann und es dann keinen Einlass mehr gibt, wird eine frühere Ankunft (ab 22 Uhr) empfohlen!
Meine Playtime ist von 2 - 3.30 Uhr.
CU all there!


My debut album "Random control" is out now as CD ,too!
It's strictly limited to only 100 pieces.
The price for one CD is 5 Euros plus shipping costs of 3 Euros (worldwide as registered letter).
Click here to order one CD:


Bald ist es soweit: Am 11.Mai 2012 findet die random control Album Release Party statt!

Auf einem kraftvollen Soundsystem mit 7000 Watt und Subbässen bis unter 40 Hertz (!) werden spielen:

- Liss C. (LCR Records)
- JOIX live! (LCR Records)
- [mo:(r')bi:t] (S.C.U.M. Club)
- LOOM (Harlequins Universe)

Location: Mahuumbar, Industriestrasse 29, Mannheim
Doors Open: 22 Uhr
Music: Deep Techno
UKB: 5 Euro

Artwork by HALT9000 Creative Commons License
Random control is out now!
My debut album received amazing feedback and support from all over the world, as you can read here.
Many thanks to the record label LCR, Philipp aka "Halt-9000" for the first class artworks and everybody who believes in my music!

At Beatport you can prelisten and buy all tracks of the album.


Artwork by HALT9000 Creative Commons License
The tribe by JOIX
New track with tribal feeling. Enjoy!

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