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New dark & heavy tune back out of the basement's studio: "Secret cult".
My personal homage to the master of spine-chillers: H.P. Lovecraft


My next live performance is happening at S.C.U.M. Club / Schwimmbad Club / Heidelberg on 1.11.13. CU all there!


JOIX live @ Mohawk Open Air, Mannheim, 22.9.2013

Nice live experience at Mohaw Open Air yesterday!
Managed also a "dirty" mp3 record of my performance, feel free to listen!

New track: "Fallow land".

Hier die Wallpaper der Events, wo ich demnächst live zu hören bin. :)
Auf dem "Zauberberg" werde ich ein bassig-technoides Liveset zum Besten geben und beim Mohawk-Open-Air etwas experimenteller spielen. CU all there!


NEW EP "Phoenix" OUT NOW!
It includes the tracks Simple dialectics, Thrill and Phoenix.
Starting from today, you can get it as digital and mastered release exclusively on Beatport.

One month after the finish of "Shrine" comes "Plateau": a track with more upward moving energy. :)

Next one!

At YouTube this video popped up a few days ago:

Nice visual rebirth of my track Hidden Hint, released on my debut album Random control.

New track! Mit "Amorphous fields" beschreite ich neue musikalische Pfade, losgelöst von Four-to-the-floor, mehr hin zu experimentelleren Ufern.
Morgen abend bin ich live in der Villa Nachttanz in Heidelberg zu hören. Playtime: 1 - 3 Uhr im Keller.


Next live date: Friday, 3.5. @ S.C.U.M. Club

New Liveset as played on Fnoob Techno Radio today for free download.


NEW: Short video of my liveact 2 days ago at Basslabor, Mannheim (Germany) on 12th April 2013.


Underground Mining EP is released by plunk! Recordings today and ready to grab exclusively on Beatport! For more infos about my newest EP click here.


"The sleeper must awaken" also on YouTube yet :)

Here is the first half of a brandnew track for your ears!
"Thrill" comes with metallic sounds from analog ringmodulators, didgeridoo-triggered bass and some crazy synth sounds out of my analog modular system.


++ Techno Liveact-Special ++
Am 12. April spiele ich mal wieder live im Basslabor! :)
Diesmal gemeinsam mit meinen Liveact-Kollegen Spektrum Mensch und rabhansl.


Current snaphshot of me, working on new sounds in the studio. Thanks to Tobias for this nice photo!


Out now! My next EP on Internet Recordings :) For more infos and free download of the three tunes click here.

Here is a short video of my live performance at the event "Reinventing metamorphosis" last Saturday, a party with good vibrations. I enjoyed it very much to play there.
The audio quality of the video is not so good, because of too much subbass for the camcorder's microphone. Hope you can enjoy it anyway ;)


Back from the ashes with a preview of the first track in 2013: The whole track has a full length of 6.55 mins.
Thanks to Halt-9000 for the nice artwork.

Just in time before the world ends, a new track: It's something between Drone/Ambient and dark Techno.
The vocals came from Dennis Hopper at his role in "Apocalypse Now".
From my point of view his sentences explain perfect how computer work: 0 and 1, hate and love. Something between? Not with this kind of dialectic ;)

That's my last track in year 2012, which was an amazing and very productive one for me with so much releases:
first of all my debut album Random control, 3 EP's and participation on 7 VA compilations!!
I will try to come back on stage next year more often, if you want to keep yourself informed, just subscribe the newsletter here.
Merry XMas and a happy new year!


My track Beelzebub was chosen for the VA compilation
Dusk Anecdotes Collective Vol. 1, released by Anecdote Records.

An Emerald was found! Here is the next gemstone for your ears.

One of my favourite dancefloor smashers came out on Beatport today as part of the Twilight Techno Sessions Vol. 3 Compilation. Feel free to listen!

My track Ein Streichholz genügt became part of the VA compilation
Global Techno Sessions Vol. 3, released by LW Recordings today.

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