Remix: Turnbull Session

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Turnbull Session Remixes (SOJ-005)

The fifth release on Sounds of Jericho,is a compilation of 5 tracks based on samples of a very special live performance by Joss Turnbull and friend musicians.
Joss Turnbull, a percussionist and virtuoso on different oriental drums such as tombak, riq, bendir and darbuka likes to transform the traditional play and sound of these instruments in a modern way through the use of all kinds of gadgets and electronics. At the Turnbull Session of Kathrinprice 2019 (hold by Jazzinstitut Darmstadt) he played together with Philip Zoubek (Piano, Synthesizer, Electronics), Lé Roger (Harp, Electronics), Pablo Giw (Trompet) and Naranbaatar Purevdorj (Overtone singing). This ensemble was able to play a very unique, eccentric and magic concert, enriched with experimental, sometimes strange and never heard before sounds and compositions.

With the remixes of Studiogegner, Køps, Sorí, Man on Mars and JOIX you are holding 5 extracts of this concert in your hands, which transformed the live records to individual studio works, still transporting the origin atmosphere of the concert by shimmering through the different styles of those Remixers.

Let youself fall into this new world of oriental and electronic sounds!

Video snippet of the concert

Artwork by Legasthenics.
Mastered by Studiogegner.

Release date: 19.9.2020

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6.7.24 Gleisbrett Festival, Offenbach, GER

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