EP: Quersumme9

Release info:
Quersumme9 - (Electrogravity 15)
EAN: 4250605369194

JOIX - Quersumme9 (Original Mix)
JOIX - Golden Tail (Original Mix)

Release date: 28.02.2012

Label info:
Electrogravity Rec. is a record label from Heidelberg (Germany) and stands for rocking and innovative designed electronic music. Its style links elements across the entire spectrum of techno, electro and neotrance music seamlessly, to produce a sound that truly speaks to the audience. Electrogravity was born out of the creative minds behind the famous Electrogravity & Electro-Nouveau events which take place in the south-west of Germany since 2003. The platform and home base of Electrogravity is the well known Club "Halle02" in Heidelberg (Germany) where Electrogravity perform monthly events with different well known resident headliners like STEPHAN BODZIN, OLIVER HUNTEMANN,PAUL KALKBRENNER,WESTBAM and many more.
Feedback and support:
Alexander Bien (electrosound.tv): Great release! Downloading for electrosound.tv
Blood and Tears (KarateKlub / Lordag): Golden Tail!
Alec Troniq (Ipoly Music, Microtonal Records, Etui Records): nice synthie frickles :)
SLAM (Orde Meikle) (Soma): out there - thanx
Mag - Tsugi Tsugi magazin: pretty nice
Fine Cut Bodies (Biscuit Reality, Chi Recordings): tr2 is so dirty! nice!

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