Big Bang

JOIX Japan Tour 2019 Aftermovie

JOIX live @ Zwergenberg Session #2

JOIX live @ Frickel Friday, Mannheim, 12.4.19

Trinity LP Trailer

JOIX live @ Halle02, Heidelberg, 15.6.2018

JOIX live @ Samsara, Villa Nachttanz, Heidelberg, 24.3.2018

Little introduction to the modular synthesizer of JOIX

JOIX live @ Japan connection, Mannheim, 18.8.2017

JOIX live @ Villa Nachttanz, Heidelberg, 1.4.2017

Hermetic Room LP Trailer

JOIX live @ Metro Club, Kyoto, Japan, 9.8.2014

JOIX live @ Synästhese, Mannheim (Germany), 29.3.2014 (full length)

JOIX - Hidden Hint

JOIX - System failure

JOIX - Strange city

JOIX at other places

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Album: Trinity
10 Tracks (mastered)
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Album: Hermetic Room
10 Tracks (mastered)
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Hermetic Room

Album: Random Control
10 Tracks (mastered)
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Random Control

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