[SOJ-008] Desert Planet EP

Vinyl Only Release, limited to 300 copies, coming out on 11th December 2021.
• 180gr finest marbled Vinyl, made with pleasure and lots of love.
• Includes 4 tracks (as you can pre listen on Soundcloud).

• Additional Download codes will come together with the Vinyl.
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The 8th record on Sounds of Jericho is a special one, not just because it comes as an exclusive, colourful marbled and to only 200 pieces limited Vinyl edition, its also an affair of heart for electronic music producer and liveact performer JOIX.

The last 2 years were a tough time for him and all creative minds and artists in general, a time without many culture happenings and music events, so in a metaphoric sense it felt like a dried out period without real community, joy and abundance.. like living in a cultural desert!
This is the main metaphoric idea of the Desert Planet EP, but furthermore its a homage to the legendary Dune-Epos, which JOIX is a huge fan of, since he watched the legendary movie by David Lynch as a child, which dugs deep into his consciousness and leads him exploring the 6 Dune books by Sci-Fi author Frank Herbert again and again, soaking up its great story, visions and literary beauty.
As the new Dune movie by Villeneuve comes to light at the cinemas this year it felt clearly right to add this Vinyl to the whole Dune universe as well.

The first track "A message from Kaitain" JOIX occasionally played several times as an Intro of his livesets, is a combination of tribal and techno elements with spheric sounds and a deep ride into his special interpretation of electronic music, often paired with a Didgeridoo, an instrument JOIX also likes to play during his live performances.

"The sleeper must awaken", originally from 2012, comes here as an improved, polished and remastered version, a track made for the dancefloor that will let your body permanently move to the beats of the drifty Bongos.

"Muad'Dib", the first track on the B-side, is a massive and noisy floor-stomper with uneven and heavy kick drums, which unfolds it's raw energy like a desert storm above the chants of the Fremen warriors before the showdown begins.

Finally "Many machines on IX" rounds up the Desert Planet EP with it's powerful bassline and deep groove, following the voice of the spacing guild navigator to the dark machine heart of planet IX.

So let the spice, music and joy flow again with this orange-black beauty!

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• Audio engineering by Marius Krämer.
• Cover art by Køps.

Label info:
Sounds of Jericho, runned by JOIX himself, is concentrated on the release of passion-driven electronic music, and more precisely such styles as IDM, Techno, Ambient, Experimental, which are rich in detail and crafted with love and gratitude.

• Article at Living Techno.

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