Hydrophone Do It Yourself!

For a special art performance called "QuellWasserTransport" (Photos below, shot by Toni Montana Studios) I had the mission to make sounds out of a water installation, so I researched the internet for proper building instructions to make a hydrophone by myself, because they are quite expensive and rare.

I was glad to find this excellent documentation of how to build a low-cost DIY Hydrophone on the website of Cosse Tek:
Construction, calibration, and field test of a home-made, low-cost hydrophone system for cetacean acoustic research

After the construction of this hydrophone it was also tested and compared with a commercial one and it had not to hide! Many thanks to the constructors Eduardo Romero Vivas and Braulio Leon Lopez for presenting and sharing their work at the 160th meeting of Acoustical Society of America!

Material list and prices
• Piezo element: around 2€
• 2 plexiglas discs: 8€
• 1 Stangendichtung Polyurethan: 7€
• Epoxydharz: 3€
• 8 M3 bolts and nuts: around 2€
• audio cable with jack around 2€

Building documentation (click on image for larger scale)

I also used a bit Epoxydharz to seal the position where the cable goes through the O-Ring.


Photos and audio record from Art Performance "QuellWasserTransport" at Port25

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