Album: Random Control
Release info:Random control - (LCRA 03), released on 30.03.2012

With "Random control" JOIX presents his 10 track debut album.
It represents the essence of JOIX's studio work and live act performances from 2009 to 2012.

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The price for one CD is 5 Euros plus shipping costs of 3 Euros (worldwide as registered letter).

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Label info:
LCR RECORDS from Valencia (Spain) borns with the aim about different things, about different meanings, about different feelings, then LCR comes to give you a spin in your mind. LCR is a part of LGM LABEL group, been LCR the LGM LABEL little brother.
LCR runs with the idea to show techno, to show electronic music, to show the most personal things of our producers. LCR comes with energy, power and full inspiration about Detroit, Chicago and Berlin; if you do a mix of these three cities you can find the essence of LCR, techno for techno lovers.
Working with the concept of looking forward but trying to know the best of the past, then we find our way. Innovate the past. It's important for us, know from where we come, and where we'll want to go.

Feedback and support:
AUMREC: nice dark album!!!
Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Multivitamins): Thanks for the music! This release is great! =)
LISS C. (LGM LABEL, LCR RECORDS, ): Really good album !! Full support. LC.
Daou: Great work. My favourites are Phalanx and Flight of Winding Stairs.
D-Formation (Beatfreak Recordings): darkness... i like it!
Shin Nishimura (Plus Rec.): really nice album!
E-PUNK: Quersumme7 / Second Emphasis for me
Edy Ramas (Intech Records): Nice Pack!!!powerfull
Spark Taberner: I like "Phalanx" Thanks!
Roberto Romero (RPL Audio Mastering): like all!!! Great album!
DJ Laurent N. (Radio ShowS): Nice Album & nice sounds !!! Will play it for sure. FULL SUPPORT !!!
Paul D Lewis: Great album very nice, many thanks and will deff play some in my radio show.
Robert Stahl: massive sounds.....thanks
Sascha Luxx ( Really great release....
Promo Paris One: yet another excellent LCR LP ! Thx(Chito P1 Reverse)
TOMO HACHIGA: Nice album!!
UnconsciousLaws (DATA PROVIDERS,France): Nice Album! Quersumme & Moth for me
Pablo Demonio (We Are Syndicate): Fantastic album!! love for and we are syndicate too. Congrats and full support.
Prudo / Alfa Romero (Alfa Romero Recordings): nice stuff.
Vax1 (Rachdingue): support
Morgan Tomas (//Reloading Records//, Paris, France): Supports tx
REFRACTION (Amazing/Android): Great stuff !
Ochu LaRoss: Nice - sick sounds :))
MAURO CAUDEVILLA (LGM Lablel): ufff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! asome! thanks!!!!!!!!!!
• farfa: good album
Anderson Noise: downloading thanks
Danny Chatelain (Ovum): downloading for nick & danny chatelain, thn'x!!!!!!!!!!!!
RICARDO G.: Cool tracks here! suport, thanks!
Summer (Brendon Collins) (Tulipa Rec.): interesting stuff thanks
Plastic Lounge (Radio-FDS): oh yeah this rocks,thx
Kristina Lalic: Good LP,full support!!
Mike Louth (Digitally Imported): Cool stuff, will support selected tracks in our Minimal Channel
• Steff.B: thank for album.
Markus Schulz (Coldharbour): downloading for Markus
• Luciano: Thanks a lot! L
Marco Corvino Traxx: Good release
Gustavo Cardenas: Full support !!!, nice lp
Juanita Ramírez: downloadinggggggggggg thanxxxx very great stuff!!!!!
Brisboys (Ciaran Duffy): nice and dark will try a few out
Frank Hurman: darkness & power,nice lp
Danny Tenaglia (Twisted): thanks!!
MAETRIK: Support, thanks.
Sergio Matina: Downloading... thanks!!!
Nogales Lozano (LCR records): great release,very dark.full support ;-))
Alexander Sarkov: like it!
Dave Brody (Aella/Inmotion/Takt Rec.): Cool album! Phalanx is awesome!
Sebastian Groth: Great Album!
• wave radio show (radioshow): Downloaded for Waveradioshow !!
• Marc Schütt: Great LP!
Voodoopriester (Voodoomania): support for "quersumme 7" and "hidden hint"
Danijel Vasiljevic (BUNK3R R3CORDS): Good album,nice dark tracks !!
Moog Conspiracy (Elektrotribe): lovely album! will check later deeper :) good work!
Cristian Varela (Pornographic Rec): Quersumme7 great
Mild Bang (loco, thoughtless, blaq): nice album!!
Martin Kremser (Diva Records): good album, quersumme7 for me, thx
HERNAN SERRAO (Proton Radio): full support!!!!
• Caspian: quersumme7 hummmmm !freaky deep !
Audio Kaleidoscope: good album ... Supports
JC Laurent: nice album thx support
ED2000 (tresor / dangerous drums): downloading for thanks a lot for the great music !!
DJ VIBE (Antena3/Industria Club): Great album! Hidden hint for me. Support. Thanks.

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