Japan Tour 2018: Report, photos and records



Arrival soon at..

..Osaka Airport

Osaka River

Osaka Hotel corridor

  Mangas at every super market

Metro Club Flyer (front)

Metro Club Flyer (back)

Metro Club Timetable

Metro Club: stage with my "little" gear on the left

  Metro Club: Build Up and soundcheck

Asahi Beer

Flood at Kyoto's river!!

Metro Club: Barium live gear

Metro Club: Bodil live

Metro Club: Barium live

Metro Club: Ryoma Sasaki DJ Set

Metro Club: Nao Compufunk live

Compufunk: Flyer

Compufunk: Outlook

Compufunk: Barium live

Osaka Castle

Japanese raven

Mystic ocean fish

Osaka Castle Hologram

Osaka City view

Osaka Castle and me

Osaka garden

Carnival at a shrine in Oasaka

Osaka cloud formation

path into Shinto shrine

Ryoma and me

In the city of Osaka

Osaka at night

  moving with the crowd

On the way to Okayama..

   ..by train


Okayama Shrine

little hut

a huge bass drum! :)

muggy temperatures


Pepperland: Entry Door

  Pepperland: Norimitsu and me

   Pepperland: Norimitsu live

   Pepperland: Plugman live

Nagomibar: Entry door

  About Club: Entry door

About Club: Flyer (front)

About Club: Flyer (back)

Inside About Club

About: myself live

  About: Artist posters

The day after: Kiyo and me with
a oishi meal

japanese dress

Kiyosu Castle

Kiyosu Castle
river side

View from Kiyosu Castle

Nagoya City Tower

Nagoya City

In front of a shrine


Shibuya (Tokyo)

my tiny room at..


Tokyo tower

Cube Club: Entry door

Cube Club: Flyer

 Cube Club: my setup with Karl Marx

Cube Club: together with the mates :)

White Space Lab: Entry Door

   White Space Lab: Myself live

On the way to Yabito festival: arrival at the end of the tracks (world)

A little break in japanese jungle

 Yabito festival: scenery

Yabito festival: Flyer

Yabito festival: Timetable

 Yabito festival: scenery

Yabito festival: Myself live

walk down the mountains back to..


Japan 2018 was hot!

Japanese game hell


JOIX at other places

Top Ten tracks

Record label

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Album: Trinity
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Album: Hermetic Room
10 Tracks (mastered)
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Hermetic Room

Album: Random Control
10 Tracks (mastered)
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Random Control

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